• Scott palmatier

    10 healing herbal plants // weeds

  • Molly Wilkins

    10 Common Healing Weeds

  • Ana Garcia

    Weeds That Heal, Top 10 Weeds That Heal, 10 Weeds That Heal, Ten Weeds That Heal, Medicinal Plants, Top 10 Weeds That Heal Infographic

  • JL

    Healing plants: 10 common weeds that you find in your yard and how they can heal sicknesses, burns, sores and other ailments.

  • Darlene Shand

    10 common weeds that can heal you. To make a tincture use 100+ proof alcohol (a clear kind like vodka) and place 1 part fresh herbs/weeds & 2 parts alcohol in a clear glass jar. Cover the jar & keep iin a cool dark place for a week (if you are extracting the roots, you need to chop up the roots and let it sit in alcohol longer). To extract more of the medicinal quality of the plant, shake the jar once every day or two. Strain the liquid into another container and you got your medicinal tincture,

  • Kristy HennaTrails

    10 commonly found plants that heal

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