Okay I want to live in this woman's house or have her organize mine. This is amazing, ridiculous, overwhelming....all of it! Dollar tree items. Look at this Blog, Lots of Great stoarge/organizing ideas !

Bathroom Organizing Tips - I love the idea of the shoe box sized storage bins. Dollar Tree sells these for a buck! Perfect organization solution and CHEAP! Winning!!

Space Saving Craft Room Desk - This is a great weekend project that will save you lots and lots of space while looking pretty when you’re not in the middle of a project - At everythingetsy.com #Craft #Room #Storage #DIY #Table

Classic Sawhorse I’ve found a sturdy sawhorse that’s great even if you have limited space. When I’m done working with them I just stack them on top of each other and store them out of the way. Here’s all it takes to build one horse: One 42-in.-long 2×6 for the top board Four 28-in.-long 1×8 boards for the legs Four 9-7/8-in.-long 1×8 boards for the gussets Thirty-six 2-in.wood screws. Notch …

3) An Organised Pantry: customize your shelves that cans can fit each shelf. Here's quite an array of ideas for organising a pantry.

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