dryer sheet roses

Dryer Sheet Envelopes (may or may not look like "I dragged this from the trash")

dryer sheet xmas tree

Gesso Stamped Dryer Sheet Card Set - Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft

newsprint or bookpage or sheet music roses DIY - LOVE the way these look, i think a single one in a vase would be so charming! (maybe a burlap covered vase!)

Christmas wreath out of used dryer sheets

▶ ‪Dryer Sheet Butterflies Tutorial‬‏ - YouTube

Print on dryer sheets - I want to try this! Not sure what I will do with it but I want to try it!

sheet music wreath

I have GOT to learn to make roses like this!

reminds me of Vikki

DIY Rose of Coffee Filter



DIY Organza Rose Headband via usefuldiy.com

Antonio del Castillo, 1954.

Shut the front door!

BEAUTIFUL! These free Christmas printables are absolutely stunning. Get them for free at Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body!

Antique Water Pitcher Wind by teatimewindchimes, $45.00 on Etsy

plaster dipped silk flowers wow, these are cool!

How to remove grease and stains on glassware.