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A series of hidden harps lead to the moon medallion. Each harp opens a space pocket which contains the song need to open the next harps pocket.

Growing up I remember loving the sound of the harp and a neighbor always had his sitting in his picture window lit up at night.

I WILL learn how to play this instrument!

Music in Our home... what a blessing to children and parents... Just a reminder to make it happen. This is so sweet!

It's rare I pin pictures of disabl- I mean lever harps, but for the rare epic photo such as this I make exceptions.

I absolutely love harps. They sound angelic and make a nice addition to the home.

Girl With Harp by ~HauntingVisionsStock on deviantART. Alright. THIS bothers me. Let's all just go play the harp BACKWARDS...

Learn how to play Harp online with no need to travel. click the link: www.spauldingscho...

Talis harp! Same style with curly Maple wood. I love playing this harp! Beautiful sound!

Dany was taught in a matter of weeks how to play the harp and had it perfected days before she would be arriving at the Royal. She thanked the good Lord everyday she decided to go along with the plan in the beginning, it would be her instrument during performances with the symphony