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i LOVE this color. i wish i could do it!

Silver head chain, Hairchain, Headpiece, back of head chain .now go forth and share that BOW & DIAMOND style ppl!

Blue hair♡

How To Dye Your Hair Pastel Color Purple Violet Red Cherry Pink Bright Hair Colour Color Coloured Colored Fire Style curls haircut lilac lavender short long mermaid blue green teal orange hippy boho ombré Pulp Rio

peach hair. (via homemade hullabaloo) http://pinterest.com/nfordzho/hair-style/

each colorDIY Hair: Five Gorgeous Pastel Hair Colors = I wanted peach hair for like ever but I know That i will get bored of it after a while

Green ombre dip dyed hair - It's so pretty WHAT?! where can I get this?

DIY Hair: 10 Ways to Dye Mermaid Hair

I like the idea, different colors(:

Dye your hair simple & easy to ombre Electric hair color - temporarily use ombre pink hair dye to achieve brilliant results! DIY your hair ombre with hair chalk

Manic panic colour chart of all the shades I have tried so far,  my favourite was fuchsia shock!

Manic Panic hair dye color chart-first im gonna do streaks of ultra violet and hot hot pink, then for DC im gonna do electric banana electric lizard and atomic turquoise New rose and enchanted forest

Northern Lights Hair

Rainbow hair<<<no im pretty sure thats cotton candy Yes, this is cotton candy hair and it looks sweet


Really would love to know what product line u used to create such a beautiful shade of blue? Interested in knowing what shade of blue you used ? Also the steps you had to take exactly to get your hair this amazing shade if blue?