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The progressive change of the colors also represents the slow change to higher notes on the piano. The reflection of a source of sunlight in the piano keys and the back of the picture display the strong colors (that may get out of control) that hit you as you see a rainbow.

HI to all Friends and Friends of Friends Term 2 Piano Tuition is available with Me. 45 minutes Lessons. Pass this on to you friends who may be interested in learning Piano. They can add me as a friends, or inbox me for now. A Tuition Face Book page is on the way.....

Harm Goslink Cooper is a musician and artist who combines his two passions to produce whimsical yet functional musical instruments. His homemade piano is his most ambitious effort yet. The rustic wood case and colorful keys look great together! See more of his instruments (and listen to his terrific songs) at Goslink.

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. … Aldous Huxley

painted keys.Trying to decide if I would do this... think I would:) but not those colors

What an interesting way to pretty up a public space. This looks like a very worn space that has been converted to something wonderful.

these piano key staircases make me wanna practice some scales

rainbow - colour shades to inspire art, design or new fused glass goodies at Latch Farm Studios www.latchfarmstud...

Have been drooling over Katwise coats for years now. One day I'll either buy one or get off my lazy bum and make one!

Rainbow Le Creuset! flour power by raccoonandlobster on Flickr