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  • June Kitson

    yellow finches at the thistle seed

  • tori guttenbeil

    yellow birds, tall bird feeder

  • Lois Breneman

    The American Goldfinch, or Wild Canary is Another of the Beautiful birds that visit me :) The more "thistle" feeders I hang .. the More Finches flock to Eat!! ... ya have to Gold finches - I wonder what sort of a "communication" system Birds have .. hmmm ..

  • Ellie Maziekien

    Goldfinches. I'm guessing that they like the birdseed being offered there. My husband feeds the birds year-round. When they get used to your backyard, the ones that stay in the winter come looking for food. We feed seed, peanut butter, apples and oranges and corn. The poor squirrels need something! They sure can't get to the bird feeder.

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