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What if we all leaned out, instead of leaning in? - Commentary on Sheryl Sandberg's call to "lean in" and de-genderizing the issue of ubiquity. Org Comm discussion piece

British Man Saved 669 Children In WWII, Never Told Anyone, Wife Found Out And This Amazing Video Is Result

Let me begin by saying that a ‘non-racist’ classroom is not the same as an actively anti-racist classroom. Since biases are often inherent/unconscious, a ‘non-racist’ classroom is often unfeasible. It is possible, however, to actively combat racism on a daily basis.

Racist 'slumlord' whose group inspired Dylann Roof donated to 48 different Republicans in 34 states

White Privilege Explained, With Help From Ex-News Anchor Who Lost Her Job Over a Racist Facebook Post