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    Of course he does.

    Who is the fifth crew member?

    Watch this gif, watch it right now! Hilarious

    I laughed at this.

    Oh, Arthur. haha

    Next time someone asks where we are, I'm going to lick the air. << haha << He can reach his younger to his chin ( Whovians finishing each other's...)

    How did I not catch that?

    The doctor and Wilfred. You can tell Donna is related to him.

    "Repinning to pay homage to Matt's bone-structure, which is even more visible with the new haircut. Swooning over the jawline...."

    Doctor Time

    Always makes me laugh.

    Captain Jack ships Doctor/Rose so hard he sponsored their first date!

    "The thing about Doctor Who is the fact... that it is very hard to explain and not sound like a lunatic" hahaha soo very true...

    Welcome to Doctor Who

    This is why I loved 9. Hilarious. In subtle, quick ways.

    Merry Christmas

    One of my favorite lines.

    Man, I love the Doctor!

    The Doctor loves Harry Potter!

    Steampunk Doctor Who Time Lord Necklace

    'Dinosaurs on a Spaceship' is now known as 'The One Where the Doctor Kisses Rory'.