Unicorn + diagram

Repeat Crafter Me: U is for Unicorn: Crochet Unicorn Applique/Easily transformed into just a horse. Free Crochet Pattern.

Pick-up Truck Applique Pattern ~ free pattern

Crocheted kitty

Free pattern for UFO applique - available in english and german !

Tiny rainbow unicorn amigurumi : free english pattern

Pink Unicorn Onesie

Butterflies free pattern

Plane applique ~ free pattern

My little Frog ~ free pattern ᛡ

Crochet Skulls FREE Pattern

Crochet Tea Party :: Granny Heart, free pattern with chart.

Make Your Own Monkey ~ free pattern ᛡ

Free Crochet Pattern - Fish Applique

Free Pattern!

Where would the world be without the Triceratops? ~ free pattern

Free Crochet Applique patterns


whale crochet applique free pattern