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How to Teach Phonics at Home

12 hands on activities for children to explore the five senses, isolating one at a time.

How to Blend Words - Short Vowel U love the tutorial.... CAUTION I think the pictures for /h/ and /n/ are not correct, but LOVE the clear explanation and repetitiveness

Want to help your child or students master magic e words? This post has links to over 50 free printables!

New CVC Word Family Small Books: Short A: -ad, -ag, -am, -an, -ap, -ar, -at -

Phonics and Reading: Best way to teach how to read. I used this method on my 4 year old and he is now reading!

What an awesome idea using paper plates! Word Wheel for reviewing word endings. #upcycle #preschool #words

Teach ow words, oi and oy words, and many more phonics patterns with these free printable phonics books!