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How to Teach Phonics at Home

by Joseph Walker
Before learning to read, most children learn the alphabet and the sounds letters make. Parents and teachers can facilitate this process by teaching phonics -- the study of letter-sound or sound-symbol associations -- to young children. The U.S. Department of Education and National Institutes of Heal...
  • Lita Norman

    Creative Educational Center Games for Kindergarten

  • Arden Flynt

    How to Teach Phonics at Home | eHow

  • Joanna Robinson

    Learning styles: the basics, part ii. linguistic intelligence (word smart). logical-mathematical intelligence (number/reasoning smart). visual-spatial intelligence (picture smart). bodily-kinesthetic intelligence (body smart). musical intelligence (music smart). interpersonal intelligence (people smart). intrapersonal intelligence (self smart). naturalist intelligence (nature smart). there is a great chart at the bottom of the article showing what each type learner enjoys & needs.

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In this activity students will twist the plastic Easter eggs to make different words out of onsets and rimes. Students will be able to make all real words in this activity. Therefore, the focus will be on learning new and unfamiliar words. I'm sure you can do this with rhythms some how!

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