If there was any ever question as to why I want to be River when I grow up. Also, you know where River says the bit about two doctors being a different birthday? Could that be something in the 50th?

River Song

River and her Doctor


River Song.

River is her own level of insane.

River Song everybody...

Mr Pond & Mr Song.


Melody Pond/River Song/Hell in High Heels/Child of the TARDIS

River Song

The Doctor and River Song

The Doctor can get a bit mean, haha.

Oh River...

Next Stop: Everywhere - Doctor Who - Eleven and River Song - by Adele Lorienne

One of my favorite scenes/episodes. Anyone else finding this day just a little bit difficult?! :)

The Ponds #DoctorWho #RiverSong

"River...who are you?"

Tell me everything that happened. Tell me everything you saw. They had lights inside their eyes. Did you see the closing window? Did you hear the slamming door? They move forward and my heart died.

The Doctor and River

The outfits of River Song