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    ARE WE NOT ACKNOWLEDGING THE CYBERMAN IN THE BACK THINKING DELETE?!<<<<---- Nope. Children of Time reunion more important.

    I've finally found it! Here's a sassy laughing 11 in all his majesty (click for all the sassiness in one .gif)

    Why the Doctor didn't come back for Amy for 12 years - the whole course of history would change if he had been on time! HIS personal destiny would have changed if he had been on time! If Mels were to succeed in killing him at her younger age, then Rory and Amy would never end up getting pregnant in the Tardis while traveling, resulting in a regenerating, kidnapped baby trained to destroy the Doctor, but in that case, who would have killed the Doctor? Was the Tardis avoiding paradoxes?yes

    Ten & Rose. I love it with both my hearts ❤️❤️

    Doctor Who

    "What was your reaction when you got the role?" #DoctorWho

    Welcome to Who: our jokes are 50 years old and still funny.

    gallifrey Van Gogh.

    I wasn't ready for these FEELS omg noooooooo *cries because of doomsday feels*

    My heart.>>>NO! NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!! YOU DONT DO THAT TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MIND BLOWN!! I totally accept this as fact. (Doctor Who)

    Sarah Jane

    Day of the doctor


    XD i feel old now

    I'd forgotten not all victories are about saving the universe. This is what I love

    A round of applause is due.


    "I like how 11 is the first one who thought to give his (human/fragile) companion a helmet."

    River: You only get to see your husband once a day? That must be a killer on the relationship.

    If this was real though!

    This show makes me love having my heart ripped out and stomped on...

    Why Rose Tyler was fantastic