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how strange would it be to live life in the opposite direction as your spouse. Though interesting, that is just another of the sad things he must endure.

Like Mother, Like Daughter The Twelfth Doctor requests that you view these fragments of time and space from my personal archives.

"Go on husband, have a tantrum and don't give a crap about me, I'll break my wrist because we totally love each other"

i love mucha, and medee is one of my favorites of his prints. this may just be my all time favorite pin yet.

The story of River Song...Doctor Who .. :)...

River Song Nope I'm not even going to ask nope I have seen enough crap through the show and the fandom I'm just going to not even question crap like this now it's uhhh beautiful

The Many Looks of River Song...they didn't always dress her well/to her body type but she's AMAZING!!

Notice that she didn't say that he wasn't a madman who was going to get them all killed. She just said that she trusted him.

Oh the River Song feels ...Darn it River! Your story rips my heart out every..single...time i think about it

Doctor Who Minimalist Art Print - River Song

And I'm crying again. Pinterest seems to be doing a lot of this to me lately. It's all of the fandom feels...

"It's a screwdriver! What are you going to do, assemble a cabinet at him?" -John Hurt as The Doctor, Day of the Doctor