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SHERLOCK!!! Season 3: His Last Vow - WHHHYYYYYYY?!?!!!?!?!

  • Hannah H.

    Hahaha! Yes! This episode was CRAZY!!!

  • Emily Ekholm

    Ikr!!!! And when he was dating Janine!!!!! That was crazy too, but not as crazy. But, still, Sherlock dating someone.... Even if it was fake I still get weirded out

  • MaryBeth Barker

    ya i agree sherlock should not date someone Emily Ekholm

  • Jenny Phillips

    Emily Lohman I love this, thanks for sharing it :D

  • Carlita Calmett

    This episode had me on the edge of my seat

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Benedict Cumberbatch And Martin Freeman Film Sherlock. THEY ARE FILMING!!! Get excited!!!!

Benedict and Martin are back for Sherlock filming. Ah bickering, nothing's changed!

Sherlock and John = hedgehog and otter #funny #sherlock #watson

Benedict Cumberbatch - a Nerdfighter?

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After otters like Benedict Cumberbatch, tumblr now presents hedgehogs like Martin Freeman #Sherlock

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Freeman and Cumberbatch. Damn I love this photo. How much longer til Sherlock's back again..?

  • Julie Fronmueller

    LOVE that show. So quirky.

  • Tracy Bromage

    just got this show and was so down when I found out it was such a short season.Loved every minute of it. can not wait for the next season. ♥

  • Smaug is the best

    Do you know that that isnt actually ben and martin it is ben and jonny lee miller with martins face plastered on

Benedict Cumberbatch And Martin Freeman Film Sherlock...okay, sorry but Martin Freeman just looks SO EXCITED TO BE WORKING HERE. #LoveItWhenActorsAreEnthusiastic!! ♥

Hey, you guys? I had an awesome idea that would make the world beautifully happy, but it's too much to hope for.. What if.. THEY GAVE US SEASONS THREE AND FOUR AT THE SAME TIME AS A SURPRISE?! Wouldn't that be great? :/ but moffat would never want to see that much joy at one time so..

“I look at him as an only-slightly-older brother. He’d hate me to call him my older brother.” — Benedict on Martin

Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman

  • Bridget Kensington

    uhg. I was afraid this was photoshopped -_- (I think it was Johnny lee Miller originally, I'm not sure)

  • Hannah Birmingham

    Yeah.. It was Johnny Lee Miller.. Thanks I couldn't remember his name

  • Bridget Kensington

    lol anytime! ;)

  • redswhinez

    nice but shopped. 'Martin' is actually Johnny Lee Miller, taken during their run as Frankenstein in 2012

  • Le Heichou Levi De Survey Corps

    *Jawn waves wand* "Winggardium Leviosa~" *Sherlock sighs and waves own wand* "Jawn it's Leviossah not Leviosa." *floats there for a second* "How do we get down..."

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