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This pretty much perfectly describes it...except for moriarty <-- I was almost relieved when Moriarty came back. I know that probably says something horrendous, but it's because Magnussen really gave me the creeps. Like, for reals.

Benedict Cumberbatch And Martin Freeman Film Sherlock. THEY ARE FILMING!!! Get excited!!!!

Benedict and Martin are back for Sherlock filming. Ah bickering, nothing's changed!

Benedict Cumberbatch - a Nerdfighter?

Freeman and Cumberbatch. Damn I love this photo. How much longer til Sherlock's back again..?

Sherlock, is that you? It appeared to be a case of down and out in Baker Street for Benedict Cumberbatch as he got to work on the set of Sherlock looking uncharacteristically scruffy....

I don't know about you, but I'm binge watching season two as I write this, and I will be ready for the new show tonight.

Benedict Cumberbatch And Martin Freeman Film Sherlock...okay, sorry but Martin Freeman just looks SO EXCITED TO BE WORKING HERE. #LoveItWhenActorsAreEnthusiastic!! ♥

Hey, you guys? I had an awesome idea that would make the world beautifully happy, but it's too much to hope for.. What if.. THEY GAVE US SEASONS THREE AND FOUR AT THE SAME TIME AS A SURPRISE?! Wouldn't that be great? :/ but moffat would never want to see that much joy at one time so..