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DIY How to make your own Abacus with popsicle sticks, pony beads and dowels or bamboo skewers. How to teach it: and

This would be a great tool for addition/subtraction! make it with just 3 rows, with each bead counting for ones on the bottom, tens in middle and hundreds on top!

This quiet book is one from etsy. (sixty dollars) Like the ides in them though. Fun and easy to do.

Simple DIY abacus. Just string, pony beads, and cardboard.

I'd love to incorporate the use of the abacus in my classroom. I learned to use one in elementary school!

oh yeah I want to make one of these more like the original (crate and barrel?) with metal or painted to look like metal and maybe stained wooden rounded balls

Create a DIY abacus using craft sticks, beads and toothpicks. Brilliant way to help kids count.

Make your own zoo using play-dough and craft sticks.. have to figure out how to make a rendition of animals inside. We could create our own zoo for summer camp!