DIY abacus

Popsicle tens frames. Easy idea for number sense and early addition. Image only

Mrs. T's First Grade Class: Math Tools. Easy abacus to make as a small group. If only our kids knew how to use it!

Classroom DIY: DIY Abacus

Fruit loop abacus-- using a BOX for a FRAME could be done using beads, too-- I like this idea for easily making an abacus. I would make the abacus using numbers 1 to 10, for preschoolers. This box abacus was made by Tracie; here is her blog post about it:

Craft Your Own Abacus

craft stick puzzles

How to make your own marble run out of cardboard and jumbo craft sticks

Create a DIY abacus using craft sticks, beads and toothpicks. Brilliant way to help kids count.

reproduire une figure avec des bâtonnets

Various shape activities. use Popsicle sticks to make shapes and talk about how many sides they have.

Craft your own abacus

Popsicle-stick Abacus - Made this for the boys 2nd grade craft project and supporting the study of China.

Numbers and Counting Activity - learning4kids

Geometry Shop

A great activity for ordering numbers, counting, number identification and one to one correspondence. Takes under 5 minutes to make!

Paper towel tube & paint stirrer stick word family activity

Wonderful math craft. Make Your Own Abacus

each student paints a popsicle stick and they are arranged to make a bigger piece of art. IT'S YOUR STORY: Tell It! Journey (Variation on a story quilt)

How to teach Abacus to kids; because I never learned! Cool!

z is for play-doh zoo enclosures w/popsicle sticks