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    • Ira Abrosimova

      Abandoned church in the snow. (tappen notch hill church in tappen, BC, Canada) Image Credit : KEVIN MCELHERAN Photography

    • Nadine D

      "This abandoned 100 year old church is what's left from what was the rail town.I was driving through this area late one night when I noticed a train in the distance approaching which outlined this structure in it's glow.I grabbed my camera and tripod I had with me and set up quickly in the farmer's field and took this photo just as the train was about to pass by.It was also snowing quite hard which gave body to the light beams shooting through the church. Sorrento, British Columbia, Canada"

    • Laurel Callaway

      amazing snow pictures | An abandoned church in the snow-Most Fascinating Abandoned Places Of ...

    • Hailey Howse

      Abandoned house in the snow.

    • ONEHEART ♥

      Secret World Pics ™ ‏@Funny Tweets!™ 13 Nov An Incredible Picture of an Abandoned Church in Notch Hill, British Columbia, Canada

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