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Amazing Mystery Photographer Comes To Fame After Her Death

This photographer, Vivian Maier, was an unknown artist until her work (photos and rolls of exposed film) was sold at auction to pay rent on the storage unit where it was kept.


Photographers, Writers and Friends Remember Mary Ellen Mark

Arjun with his chimpanzee Mira, Great Royal Circus. Gujarat, India, 1989. Mary Ellen Mark


10 fotografías imprescindibles de Mary Ellen Mark

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((Open, be him, my name is Jewel)) i was crying. I'd never gotten hurt more than a small bruise or scratch. Now it was a war between the rebels and the government. I was a rebel. I had gotten shot in the shoulder. It burned, ached, was numb, and multiplied it all by 30. "Jewel, hey, calm down. We'll get you to the medical tent. Calm down." He told me. My best friend. I held my shoulder tight.