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How Women Can Balance Strong Leadership with Authenticity | Tips for Leadership - Women cannot mimic men when leading. They must find their own authentic voices. They must find balance in their personal and professional lives, must think about service first, as opposed to their own authority and power, and they must start by looking at leaders they admire. #EvetteSantana #500_11 #wk11AuthenticLeadership

It's a 'conversational' writing device that, originally intended as a verbal condiment, has taken over the entire sandwich. Time to spit it out, cleanse your palate, and start over with a clean plate.

Whether just starting your first job, or eyeing a big promotion, getting to the top of your profession takes hard work and dedication. To guide you along the way, we've created this collection of motivational advice inspired by quotes & beliefs from some of the most successful leaders in the world. While each tip comes from a notable woman, we believe that this wisdom can be applied to any career. Click through for more inspiration and to see how we are celebrating journeys…

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