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    • Erika Doremus

      The new Upstairs Downstairs is like a Downton Abbey in WWII.

    • DanielandTania Reed

      Great British series, revival of the iconic '70s series. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00x2yj7

    • Maria DiCoio

      "Upstairs, Downstairs" [2010, 2012]. "In 1936, Sir Hallam Holland and his ... wife Lady Agnes return from a diplomatic posting abroad and take up residence at 165 Eaton Place, formerly the home of the Bellamy family ... they ask Rose Buck, herself a long-time servant in the Bellamy household, to find them a suitable staff. ... Rose ... joins them as the Housekeeper. The 1930s ... in England. The Depression ... high levels of unemployment. Fascism ... is also finding followers in the UK."

    • Heather Meadows Marshall

      Upstairs Downstairs 2011 The house in this show is Art Deco Fabulous!

    • Marta Wendt

      Upstairs Downstairs (2010) Can't wait to watch the 2nd Series!

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    Upstairs Downstairs 2011

    Upstairs Downstairs (2011) Not a bad version--takes place in another one of my favorite time periods. But the original was better.

    Upstairs Downstairs: i am getting it from the library!

    Upstairs, Downstairs. BBC 2010-2012, resumes the story of 165 Eaton Place.

    If you loved Downton Abbey, you will definitely love Upstairs/Downstairs. This Sunday on PBS!

    Upstairs Downstairs 2010+ version. This takes place in pre WWII England. Love the sets and costumes. Interesting to think back on the class divisions of society. Alex KIngston's character puts an curious spin on the times.

    upstairs downstairs family portrait

    If it were socially acceptable and not gross, I would have peed myself a little bit looking at this.

    Clair Foy as Lady Persie in Upstairs Downstairs