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I wonder how Conan Doyle would feel knowing that there is an army of people still walking around today saying "I believe in Sherlock Holmes".

gif. So sweet. I mean he's always thinking of John first. The moment he drops an eyeball into a cup of tea his first instinct is to share it with him. Isn't he just so generous!

Taking that fall was Sherlock's first selfless act. It never occurred to him that life would go on in his absence. He's got tough lessons to learn as season 3 continues to let us watch the great man continue to evolve into a good one.

She started screaming and I was like "No, Moriarty, I hate you so much!!!" but have you seen how two of the assassins look quite live Sherlock and John?!?!? I am wondering weather that is why she screamed...

But like a good boy, he listens intently to her when she's speaking. So polite to Mrs. Hudson:)