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Mycroft is smarter than Sherlock, but generally too...reluctant... to do anything constructive with his intelligence in the stories (also-see The Great Game ep.)

Oh, Moriarty... Andrew Scott got it so right for the way that series presented Moriarty.

I agree with this...but in the BBC Sherlock I still don't want John to find his Mary. And if that makes me selfish...meh.

accidental sherlock compliment. Or was it?

Mystrade is not my division to ship, but now all I can think about for series 4 is Sherlock trying to get them together so Mycroft can have his very own Jawn.

One of the under-appreciated Sherlock characters...

Yes! Seeing him trying to be kind, and then his reaction to her screaming, was just so heart breaking.---truth.


I think Sherlock admires John at some level because John is the first person to meet him and stay with him. Everyone else ran

I loved it before I saw the first episode. My friend dragged me down into it and I got all the fandom jokes before I watched A Study In Pink.


Mycroft's umbrella is very useful

Sherlock head canon, why Mycroft is protective

Sherlock Head Canon...hahaha, i could see him getting away with that

This quote shows how special Watson is to Sherlock. He might not like everyone else but he let Watson into his life and accepted him. So the tight knit relationship between Sherlock and Watson is evident especially when one reads a story Sherlock refers to his assistant/friend as "my dear Watson"

Steve Thompson! *shakes fist*. Sorry Moffat, it wasn't your fault after all...

John, Mrs. Hudson, LeStrade, and Molly were more important to him than death, which is really cool. Sherlock would not do this on his own, because it doesn't make sense. However, he believed it logical to die for those people. I'm crying!

Sherlock Socks | Mens- Don't care if they're Mens. I'm still buying them.

I wonder why she hates him so much. It goes beyond just not caring what someone's personality is. Her dislike seems far more personal. <== my thoughts exactly