You’ll never put it down (Trust us—we can’t either!). Sånd is great for: Goofing off in the office Distracting co-workers Building castles Making shapes and faces Writing messages Reducing stress *Age 5+. $19.99

I need this! The day I finish a warm cup of coffee will amaze me!

A mace sprayer shaped like an adorable pink gun! I need this!

Citrus Zinger water bottle! What a cool idea! Dude ... Awesome

I so want one of these! Each Diamond Candle contains a diamond ring worth $10 to $5,000. Sweet!

Also great for kids of age to carry a house key - Bracelet key, no more putting keys in your pocket. Great for jogging and wearing pocketless pants. Genius!

Make Your Own Kinetic Sand, Moon Sand & Glow Sand (10 lbs for 50 cents!) ~ compare to $17 on Amazon!

If you have trouble getting restful sleep at night get yourself this Brookstone Sleep Therapy System. It works on Delta, Alpha, and Theta brainwaves, training your brain to match these frequencies for a restful sleep.

The Sandless Beach. This beach mat is impossible to cover with sand. I totally need this for next summer!

A Solar-Powered Battery Pack On a Keychain, $5.99 | 37 Things That Actually Belong On Your Wishlist

Smart Swipe: Easy online payments! No more entering your details. I've died and gone to heaven.

Brookstone kinetic sand

paper converter - converts waste paper into pencils instantly.

Giant Sandless Beach Mat. Sand, dirt, dust, and water are instantly filtered through as soon as it falls on this over-sized mat's surface - and it's one way only to prevent it from re-emerging back through the bottom. Yeah I need this!!!

for all those thoughts!

Post-It Note Watch...These are the best things ever!! I need them.

The ultimate auto safety device. Includes an automatic glass breaker, seat belt cutter, panic button/personal alarm, flashlight and emergency flasher. It also has a digital tire gauge and thermometer, and it even glows in the dark. Every girl needs one!

I got this for my Fiancee for Christmas bc he carries all his stress in his shoulders. He uses this every night. Only down fall is it shuts off after about 20-30 min bc it's so intense it has to take a break and cool down, but still so worth it.

Presley Pull it, pack it, shape it, love it—you’ll never put it down!

A $34 Cap That Turns Any Water Bottle Into A Humidifier | Co.Design | business + design