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You’ll never put it down (Trust us—we can’t either!). Sånd is great for: Goofing off in the office Distracting co-workers Building castles Making shapes and faces Writing messages Reducing stress *Age 5+. $19.99

from Etsy

Set of 8 Natural Organic Hardwood Building Blocks 'Namesake'

Different woods from around the property - stained different colours and labeled. Sit it out on the coffee table in the studio?

from Brookstone

SAND Build by Brookstone

Kinetic SAND Build, the packable, stackable—and just incredible—stuff you’ll love! Unlike beach or play sand, our SAND Build has special properties that make it soft and stretchy. You’ll be fascinated as it oozes, moves, and melts right before your eyes—just like a slow-moving liquid. But when you build or sculpt with it, it stays together better than ever! Build small, build tall…no matter what you create, it won’t crumble or fall over! Great for children and adults, at home or in the…

Use your printer to print on index cards! Great for writing notes if your handwriting isn’t great or just for making fun cards! Get the instructions from Darla G. Denton.

from Etsy

Memorial Jewelry Your Actual Loved Ones Writing Silver Pendant Made to Order for you

Memorial Jewelry...your loved one's hand writing imprinted on a piece of jewelry