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"[O]ut of a jam by selling their own preserves[...] We now produce around 2,000 jars a day but it's still very much a local business, using as much Cumbrian produce as possible & employing people who might otherwise have to leave the area to find work. We started with just 6 different types of jams & relish & we now produce 130 varieties using traditional, local ingredients. Each new product is devised with one principle in mind: Things that grow together, go together.[..]" -Hawkshead Relish

"Portable Market Trailer Plans: This is a new design for a portable market trailer based on a 4x8 Harbor freight trailer. It can be used for selling produce at the farmer's market, as a concession or roadside market stand."

"Planet Local is our web series showcasing inspiring #localization initiatives from around the world. The series highlights diverse examples of localization in action in such areas as #community #renewableEnergy, #localFood & #farming, #localEconomy, eco-#villages, alternative #education, r[eal, check-able & balance-able] #democracy, the local #commons, & more. Planet Local demonstrates that the movement for localization is broader & more diverse than many people realize[…]"…

"Lamb sausage, lamb's quarters, arugula, young kale, hungarian hot wax peppers, new potatoes, garlic, and kimchi made from turnip, daikon, cabbage and carrots. Cooked on wood from the land too. Himalayan salt is the only thing not raised here from the gardens and pasture. Nutrient-dense home-grown meals are becoming a daily reality in our 9th year on the farm. Such a blessing." -Whole Systems Design, LLC

"10 Steps Toward an Incredible Edible Town[…] When communities are having conversations, schools & colleges are putting food at the heart of learning, & businesses are discovering the value of local produce, it starts to rebuild a functioning local economy."

"Money for Jam - How to Start your Own Food Business" by Oonagh Monaghan is published by Oak Tree and contains everything that someone who is new to the food business will need to get started, and keep going. Well worth a read if you've been thinking of earning money from producing food.

Jim McCarty, founded Nanas Homemades in 2009 to be a small business that handcrafts an assortment of jams, jellies, marmalades, pickles, relishes, chutneys and a few confections specifically sourced from Virginia farmers. Their mission is to preserve fresh, locally grown produce picked by hand and packed in season, at its best, in an effort to promote small market economy, reduce overall fuel consumption and support local farmers.


How to Start a Small Jams & Jellies Business

My very near future, like as in about an hour! First time my jam has not completely set up. This is a quick fix....fingers crossed! If Your Freezer Jam Does Not Gel

"Working on a list of local businesses that are either donating proceeds or accepting donations for tornado relief at their location(s). This is not a complete list by any means, but it's a start." -share from "Keep It Local OK" via Transition US on May 21, 2013

HOMETOWN ADVANTAGE "In an effort to rejuvenate struggling local economies & empower small business to compete with big business, political figures & organizations have begun to popularize 'buy local' movements. The goal of 'buy local' campaigns is to build a healthy feedback loop wherein the community buys from local merchants who then reinvest in the community via job creation, supply procurement, etc. "

Gristfrom Grist

Smart city governments grow produce for the people

"The new attitude at forward-thinking city halls seems to be, in a tough economy, why expend precious resources growing ornamental plants, when you can grow edible ones? And the bounty from these municipal gardens — call it public produce — not only promotes healthy eating, it bolsters food security simply by providing passersby with ready access to low- or no-cost fresh fruits and vegetables.[...I]t is remarkable the legions [of citizens] who step forward [to help grow food], trowel in…

Because, when it really comes down to it & as the old proverb goes: 'It takes a village[...],' for really caring for the potential well-being of & mutually between, honestly all considered, each & everyone of us in our local community, right? "Phinney Neighborhood Associations PNA Village Program empowers people to remain in their homes and neighborhoods while staying active and engaged as they age."

"It hadn’t occurred to me that many people live alone & don’t normally eat with other people, and so by coming together & preparing food & eating with others, they are encouraged to eat fresh ingredients that they would not necessarily have thought of trying before, thus improving their nutrition.[..]"

"Too often, our society takes 1 step forward & 2 steps back; & sometimes this is difficult to see without a point of reference. Should we embrace changes which are not, in every respect, an improvement on the Stone Age baseline?"

fabulous jams and marmalades!! some friends own this small business and their products are amazing!!

"Erin Brokovich said, 'My career has been about making people aware of harmful exposures & the deception that often accompanies those exposures. Drinking water fluoridation is harmful, we’ve been deceived to believe it is safe, & with newfound knowledge we must all act now to stop it.' Check out this short film on the health dangers of fluoride: #Fluoride #Health " -Organic Consumers Association pass