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"[O]ut of a jam by selling their own preserves[...] We now produce around 2,000 jars a day but it's still very much a local business, using as much Cumbrian produce as possible & employing people who might otherwise have to leave the area to find work. We started with just 6 different types of jams & relish & we now produce 130 varieties using traditional, local ingredients. Each new product is devised with one principle in mind: Things that grow together, go together.[..]" -Hawkshead Relish

Hawkshead Relish award winner, Hedgerow Jelly mentioned in online article from The Independent.

Bread & Jam talk us through their business experience with a few tips for selling online

Hawkshead - relishing fame in the 21st century

New small business! Great Gift Ideas!! Homemade Jam $3.75

"'We love the idea of [our food cultivated locally],' [new resident of Bucking Horse (part of development-supported agriculture, a more intimate version of community-supported agriculture) as well as a spouse & parent to 2 young ones] says. 'To have it right here [in our neighborhood]—not have it in our backyard, but still in our backyard—is awesome.'"

"Working on a list of local businesses that are either donating proceeds or accepting donations for tornado relief at their location(s). This is not a complete list by any means, but it's a start." -share from "Keep It Local OK" via Transition US on May 21, 2013

"Lamb sausage, lamb's quarters, arugula, young kale, hungarian hot wax peppers, new potatoes, garlic, and kimchi made from turnip, daikon, cabbage and carrots. Cooked on wood from the land too. Himalayan salt is the only thing not raised here from the gardens and pasture. Nutrient-dense home-grown meals are becoming a daily reality in our 9th year on the farm. Such a blessing." -Whole Systems Design, LLC

DIY: Jam Jar Favours - Pocketful Of Dreams

From Hobby to Business | Stretcher.com - How one woman turned her homemade jam and jelly hobby into a small business.

Because, when it really comes down to it & as the old proverb goes: 'It takes a village[...],' for really caring for the potential well-being of & mutually between, honestly all considered, each & everyone of us in our local community, right? "Phinney Neighborhood Associations PNA Village Program empowers people to remain in their homes and neighborhoods while staying active and engaged as they age."

"Other Ways / Peace of Mind: What is it you're not saying?[...] Who knows if this tradition would work for you?" via http://vimeo.com/25598949

" #NotMeUS Movie poster made by u/adam_jc at reddit. 'In a world corrupted by power & greed, only one man dared to say Enough is Enough!' coming soon to a precinct near you. #FeelTheBern #BernieSanders #Bernie2016 #StandWithBernie #WeStandTogether #BernieOrBust #PoliticalRevolution #JoinTheRevolution #RevolutionStartsNow #DeafForBernie #People4Bernie #Senior4Bernie #Young4Bernie #Disabled4Bernie #Vets4Bernie #Millenialls4Bernie #Stude[…] " -Deaf People for Bernie Sanders

"The People have stepped up. The plutocrats and politicos must now step down." #FeelTheBern… the hearty, harmonizing kind with & for #NotMeUS … us interconnecting all <3

"[J]ust met with the leadership of the Ononda'geh Ongwawenna, the seat of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, just outside Syracuse, #NY. This is yuge. The Onondaga Nation have been steadfast opponents of fracking, stewards of the environment, & a thorn in the side governments & corporations who want to further devastate their homeland & sweep treaties under the rug. To my knowledge, Governor Andrew Cuomo has refused to meet with the traditional leadership of the Haudenosaunee for the past 6 year...

Thanks for these neighborly shares to consider for stronger leading truth: "true democracy in action, allowing people to have a voice"… with #Bernie Sanders' yielding to listen to distressed neighbors with #BLM #truth sharing, while #HRC does not & allows her secret service to escort the peaceful protesting & legitimately concerned with $Hillary's inconsistent supporting neighbor. #EnoughIsEnough #NotMeUS VoteForBernie.org

"Build a Basement Root Cellar: Storing crops in a passively cooled basement root cellar is one of the most efficient ways to preserve food."

Looks who's featured in Vogue magazine! Number 4 on their Summer Hot List! June Edition. #Vogue #Magazine #Relish

An aging neighbor who happens to be female shares the valid ask, as I remember my grandfathers getting all the social praise so-called "Bread-winning" a.k.a. monetized efforts credit & grandmothers practically getting no praise for theirs: "Why do old men become icons of respectability while I become invisible?"

"The best parts of the book are the interview sections which delve into the lives of the people drawn to, & spit out by, this movement. By humanizing the participants, we come to understand that their immersion into this Christian reality is often a flight from an overwhelming sense of meaninglessness & despair, genuine emotions which develop from real-world sufferings like unemployment & abuse."

"Well... was it?" -Counter Current News