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5 Powerful Ways To Build Self Esteem & Gain Self Confidence

Did you know lack of self confidence and self esteem can hinder a great career, personal life or a business growth? Here are 5 powerful ways to build self esteem and self confidence.
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  • Karla

    You’ve probably heard of words like CoQ 10, Peptides, Glycolic acid, Collagen fillers or any of the other “scientific” wrinkle busting skincare terms you are constantly exposed to in advertising. Wrinkle creams, serums and lotions contain a wide variety of ingredients depending on which brand you buy and what they claim works for your skin. While it is true that ingredients like A, C, E and K stimulate collagen production and smooth skin, they aren’t hidden away in some vault that only skin care scientists have access to. Many of these complex sounding “beneficial active wrinkle defying” ingredients that you expect to pay good money for in skin care ranges, may have been given fancy commercial names for added “marketability”, but are in fact readily available in their natural concentrated form in fruits, vegetables, base and essential oils. Most of these ingredients are in fact a derivative of a naturally occurring vitamin, mineral, peptide or enzyme that is either manufactured in it’s cheaper synthetic form or extracted from a natural source. Chemical ingredients vs natural ingredients: Skin care products contain ingredients including emollients, humectants, stabilisers, fragrance and preservatives which form the base of a product that “active” ingredients are added to. Some are chemical based with potential side effects like irritation and sekin sebum production imbalances. Emollients are an example of a common ingredient. These bind liquid and oils together and help to lock in moisture. An example of an emollient might be petroleum or some natural products contain naturally derived beeswax. Humectants are another commonly used ingredient, these draw moisture from the air. Propylene glycol is a popular chemical humectant, so is honey, aloe …

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