Sweet donkey saying, 'Howdy'.. credits:(Braives, Liège, Belgium. Photo Ben Heine.)


"You lookin at me?"

Hide and seek donkey



Oh my...Donkey with foal

omg why would anyone do this the poor little guys legs horrid

oh hello there

The morning of the first ever donkey selfie. | The 35 Happiest Moments In Animal History

Precarious perch

A mini donkey.


Rare Somali Wild Ass Is Born At the Miami Zoo. Check out the pics...adorable!

So cute, give the adorable baby bunny, PLEASE!

This is fabulous! wolf's breath in cold air is white smoke in air, werewolf werewolves, Wolf "smoke", black and white #photography

So much cuteness - I can't stand it! A baby miniature donkey with his Teddy bear. <3

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Miniature donkeys...