Photo Essentials in 10: All About Aperture Part 2

Last week, we talked about F-stops and how they let in light. I know that didn’t seem like the most interesting topic, but it is important to understand how your camera works to know why you need to change it’s settings to get certain photos. We learned that the smaller the f-stop, the more light …
  • Sarah E.

    tons of photography lessons

  • Kristin Maria Bækkevold

    Photography essentials: Aperture

  • Jenny Farrell

    Getting great light, background, vivid colors and crisp images are the goals of every photographer- and there are three aspects to consider when taking photographs: ISO (which we looked at last week), Aperture and Shutter Speed. Today we are going to cover aperture- your camera’s lens opening. We will look at how it changes, and …

  • Amy Russell

    Some good photography tutorials here

  • Mara Hornby

    photo essentials in 10 - aperture

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