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  • Rachel Ford

    I WILL EAT THIS STRAWBERRY AND IT WILL BE DELICIOUS!!!! Exclaimed the little, baby turtle as he prepared to nom nom the bigger-than-life fruit :)

  • LaBarrin Wallace

    awww! :D nomnom that strawberry little one! :D

  • Anthony Lepre

    dream big, strawberry turtle

  • Tiki & Adrienne @ BookRenter

    dream deliciously big #DreamBig #Bookrentercom

  • Zach Green

    Challenge accepted! if I saw a strawberry bigger than me i would too.


    dirtyminds and before/after - OhEmGee baby animals (21 photos) nom nom nom nom, strawberry, strawberry torture #fuzzy #baby #animal #cute #adorable #amusing #pictures #joke #funny - Funomenia

  • Xin Kuan

    Think Big - pets and animals / baby turtle trying to eat strawberry

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Sorry, I just had to add him, he looks like he's looking out at the pond on a rainy spring day, lol

that. is. funny!!! now I want a damn turtle too! and not just because i can make it where diapers. which, by the way, is pretty brilliant when you come to think about it!

"I am on my way I can go the distance I don' t care how far Somehow I'll be strong I know every mile Will be worth my while I would go almost anywhere To find where I belong" - Go the Distance, Disney's Hercules

The Diving Turtle is a symbol of creation from the North American Indians, and is part of the inspiration for the Daliesque Earth Diver, original art-jewellery. Silver pendant & chain necklace with 23kt gold vermeil diving helmet and enamel. #GiftAStory

aw; more babies of rare animals - I wonder if we can save some of these species this way?? Red-bellied short-necked turtle

THIS IS NOT MY FIRST DAY AS A TINY TURTLE INVESTIGATOR! Why why why is this so funny to me!?

Baby Slider Turtle - I had one of these when I lived in Arizona, named it moose, I loved that turtle, sadly, when I moved back to CA it wasn't happy about the move and after many suicidal attempts he succeeded. MOOOSE! I miss you!

Great, now I need a turtle and knitting lessons.

A critically endangered leatherback turtle hatchling (Dermochelys coriacea), makes its way to the sea after hatching. Trinidad and Tobago

Little ninja #turtles ... I had one when I was a little girl ... he was a great pet. These guys are SO adorable ♥