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Mourn faun



Katja Wassermeyer

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Head pieces and masks.The main materials used to create the collection are: plastic, metal, aluminum wire, hand-pleated fabric. Each costume requires special care and is cleaned according to the label. Photography: Marcin Twardowski, Katarzyna Widmańska, Marcin Balcerzak, Natalia Ostrowska

Headdress inspiration for The Spirit of Winter, Pole Dance theater Dec 19th 2014 @ MyBar

deer spirit

Gabriel Zambrano

repinned: Alexander McQueen /antlers as a head piece turns a celebratory veil into something mournful, even eerie.

By Rachel Freire

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Mossy the 18th century, women used to make moss gardens in their wigs. Need to see if I can find any photos of that...

I don't believe in death for fashion, but if the animal died for another purpose or of natural causes, or if the horns were old, I would so wear this.

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Headress = Louis Vuitton Spring 2014

Photographed by Michal Martychowiec for Marko Mitanovski. S)

Lucien Gaillard "Bees" comb enamel and horn - Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris