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Now look at me I'm #sparkling

The Arcturians ~ Divine Harmonic Presence Diamond Frequency

Sperrys that don't have any leather or suede

sperry top sider Bahama shoes are thee cutest. Definitely buying a pair when the warm weather hits.

The Founder(s) In Kenya in 1990, Rebecca Lolosoli and 14 other women who had been raped by stationed British soldiers created the village of Umoja in the district of Samburu. What started out as a …

Fed Up With Sexual Violence, These Kenyan Women Created a Self-Sufficient Woman-Only Village

The village where men are banned Only women are allowed to live in Umoja. Julie Bindel visits the Kenyan village that began as a refuge for survivors of sexual violence – and discovers its inhabitants are thriving in the single-sex community

Case closed.

How to Drink Whiskey

The glass can be half empty or half full… as long as there’s whiskey in it.

sparkling water

Sparkling water in Infected Gallery