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Larger photo of the Devonshire Tiara, part of the famous parure. See earlier pin for history.

Marie Feodorovna's Wave necklace, probably, by Cartier. It is often said this necklace could be converted into a tiara but actually this necklace and tiara were definitely two separate jewels. In the famous photograph made by the Soviets for inventory purposes both the tiara and the necklace appear. A brooch, necklace and tiara formed a parure, which today's existence is under the question.


A RARE ANTIQUE PRESSED GLASS PARURE The parure comprising a tiara with two mounts, a pair of bracelets, a necklace and a pair of earrings, each composed of a row of blue pressed glass cameo's variating in size, depicting philosophers, classical gods and various scenes after the antiques, within borders of cannetille work and filigree mounts, French, circa 1800, fitted case

Sapphire and Diamond tiara and brooch. Part of the Parure made for Tsarina Alexandra