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  • Julie Boatwright

    The Devonshire Tiara, United Kingdom (1856; cornelian, onyx, garnets, jacinths, lapis lazuli, plasma, sardonyx, enamel, gold).

  • Laura M.

    Devonshire Parure C.F. Hancock (d. 1891) Gold; enamel; diamonds; cornelian; onyx; garnet; jacinths; lapis lazuli; plasma, and sardonyx The Devonshire Parure was commissioned by the 6th Duke of Devonshire for Countess Granville, the wife of his nephew, to wear in Moscow at the coronation of Tsar Alexander II in 1856. It consists of seven pieces of jewellery (including a bracelet, bandeau, comb, coronet, stomacher, necklace and diadem)...

  • SB Nesti

    Devonshire Parure - Chatsworth house official website

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sapphire parure. I'm going to find out what a parure is; my computer doesn't even recognize the word.

Tiara of the Countess of Flanders - Around 1830, Gold, silver, diamonds, pearls

Parure - the tiara just caught my attention

Another closeup pin of the Phillips beetle tiara and parure. lady Granville's iridescent beetles parure circa 1884 or 1885. Made from beetles from south america. Lord Granville had the parure made from the beetle's which were a gift from the Portugese Ambassador who was trying to secure a trade treaty concerning the Congo river basin. Lord Granville was foreign secretary at that time.

Queen Ena is wearing her Brazilian aquamarine parure, consisting of a tiara, necklace and pendant, two sets of earrings, bracelet, and a two-piece pendant brooch.

No woman is better than another. Every woman is a Queen, always wear your invisible tiara, ...but being a lady should feature

  • Ryan Valdez

    Meet more women you realize fat dime are WAY better than others lol, my wife for example trumps them all

Close up of the Vladimir tiara, hung with the Cambridge emeralds. See earlier pins and adapable tiaras board.

Tiara de la Duquesa de Devonshire, the stones would highlight my eyes nicely...don't ya think?!

Barberini Tiara c1850. Christie's Laura Vere-Hodge poses with the antique sapphire and diamond tiara, part of the Barberini Jewels Parure, Italian. The sapphire and diamond tiara, necklace, ear pendants and brooch were sold as a parure at Christie's Geneva on 18 November 1971.

  • Edie Engel

    Sale seems to have been in 2009 according to site; seen '71 date elsewhere too. Curious.

  • Galya Zatova

    It has likely been sold in 1971 and 2009 (through Christie's auctions). I'd love to see additional images if anyone could provide links...

Pearl and diamond demi-parure owned by Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy. The tiara can be worn as a necklace. Via