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    • Mary Austin

      Sky Blue Aragonite included by Aurichalcite From the Hunan Province of China. Measures 12.2 cm by 9.4 cm by 5.7 cm in total size. Ex. J. R. Jelks Mineral Collection

    • Bonnie Kaufman

      Aqua blue Aragonite mineral crystal

    • Josefine Luce

      Lovely specimen of sky-blue Aragonite included by Aurichalcite :: From the Hunan Province of China. gemstones

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    Marie Curie imagined human souls to look a lot like members of Pterocorythidae as Ernst Haeckel had illustrated them. "Perhaps," she'd muse, "they faintly glow like the Polonium or Radium I carry in my pocket to withdraw and admire in darkness."


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