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Samantha Bond

Samantha Bond (Born as Samantha Jane Bond on 27th November, 1961; London, England) is the actress who plays Rosamund Painswick in Downton Abbey She is most well-known for playing Miss Moneypenny to Pierce Brosnan's James Bond and Lady Macbeth in the Albery Theatre London production of Shakespeare's ...
  • Veronica Jane

    SAMANTHA BOND (actress) Period Roles: Lady Rosamund (Downton Abbey) ~ Popular Roles: Miss Money Penny (James Bond/Tomorrow Never Dies)

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Sophie McShera is the actress who plays Daisy. Daisy Mason, née Robinson, is the kitchen maid at Downton Abbey. Her age is unknown but she is probably not more than 20, and lives under the strict eye of Beryl Patmore, the cook. Daisy is usually seen in a light pink dress.