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    For years and years and years and years, people suffering with fibromyalgia have faced a battle on two fronts. They battle chronic pain and all of the associated physical, mental and emotional prob...

  • Sarah Callihan

    brain hypoperfusion1 Fibromyalgia: A New Test Leads To A Cause And Maybe A Cure

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Oh so cute...


Conditions that Commonly Occur in People With Fibromyalgia


'Dr. I'm a Fibromyalgia patient & you want me to take a pain medicine as needed?' HAHAHAHAHA!

Chronic Pain!

Love your life more than you hate your pain.


Adrenal Fatigue

Amen to this statement!


So so true!

Fibromyalgia has changed my life in so many ways. I don't ever use the word Hate, but I Hate having this condition.

Today :(


What not to say to someone with chronic pain.

Exactly. #health #fibromyalgia #chronically_ill #chronic_illness


Over do it today & tomorrow is cancelled Invisible chronic illness/pain

Recovery day chronic pain

Fibromyalgia is a stress sensitive condition

Life with Fibromyalgia /Chronic Pain