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  • Sarah Callihan

    brain hypoperfusion1 Fibromyalgia: A New Test Leads To A Cause And Maybe A Cure

  • Carlene Nieto

    FIBROMYALGIA: A new test leads to a cause and maybe a cure. “Fibromyalgia may be related to a global dysfunction of cerebral pain-processing,” I'd like to hear more about studies regarding this.

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Always Tired - Simple Steps to Natural Cure for Fibromyalgia (I doubt it, but at this point I'm willing to try most anything.)

Life with Fibromyalgia may lead to this......(already has) - Lol!!

We pray relief for all who suffer with this dreadful pain . . .

"The results that were uncovered via our research have finally been able to “tear back the curtain” and reveal that there is a specific pathway in fibromyalgia – and it defines fibromyalgia as an immunologic medical disorder. This disorder relates to the production of protein molecules called cytokines by a certain type of white blood cell. And the identification of this pathway has created the first objective test capable of making the diagnosis of fibromyalgia."

So true, I should print this out & hand it to everyone that asks how I feel! However, don't ask how I feel if you don't really want to know or dismiss it as nothing to major!

  • Glenda G Delaney

    My family just started really, I'm not saying believing me, let's just say they have abetter understanding of what I go through. I know it is hard for them because I use to be the one to take care of every thing. Now it's like I can't stay focus enough to go from one end of the house to the other and remember why I went there. But at lease they know I love them.

  • Pam

    Its not easy! God bless all of you and guide you and family with understanding!

  • Krystal Rorick

    Love this! I feel like my whole family thinks I am making up the pain. I get so worried because I never know if it's pain I should see a dr about or if it's just fibro. I have put my notice in at work because of all the health problems. I need time to work on me. Wishing you all peace and hope that healthier days are ahead for you all.

  • Jeff Slavinsky

    Stay Strong!!

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Fibromyalgia awareness day May 12th, wear purple and tell everyone you know why you are wearing purple!

  • judes0320 S

    So fucking true. So tired of ignorant, uncaring people who have no idea how many times the pain is so bad that dying would be better.

  • Kendralyn Forest

    I agree 100% I'm very thankful to have a boyfriend who, though he can't imagine my pain, he will never doubt that I truly am in pain.

  • valerie west

    How I yearn for 'real sleep' after 24 yrs. of this monster

Do you suffer with fibromyalgia leg pain? Pain that is associated with the tender points and trigger points in multiple sites?

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When you can't find the words: also a common symptom.

How to Cure Fibromyalgia – (smb: Cure is an incorrect claim. But this article has good suggestions on lifestyle changes that might ease symptoms.)