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It's a turkey...see? Lol I still draw my turkey with my hand lol :-)

A strong bond between brothers I cried.

I dream of seeing something like this in real life. Check out all of the cuteness!

Pandas - The panda, also known as the giant panda to distinguish it from the unrelated red panda, is a bear native to central-western and south western China. It is easily recognized by the large, distinctive black patches around its eyes, over the ears, and across its round body. Though it belongs to the order Carnivora, the panda's diet is 99% bamboo.

But I've already been waiting a long time to see The Hobbit. Can't I get the tickets now?

Pandas are one of your favourite species.. unsurprisingly, just look!

someone needs to holding those babies, as they take their bottles, ME!!!! I volunteer for baby feedings.

hahaha This makes me scared of pandas! it's like crouching tiger, hidden dragon maneuvering. be afraid. be very afraid.

A little help? LOL. Aww! This is so cute. I am so in love with little panda bears. They are truly some of the cutest animals on Earth

Panda Bears crawling on a tree, so many! And so dirty that their cream coat is brown :)