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75 Outdoor Upgrades for Under $75

Spruce up your patch of green with affordable finds and quick-and-easy DIY projects. The editors of This Old House share their best budget-friendly makeover ideas
  • Sheila Battell

    Stone sculpture - Construct a stone-style totem with found garden rocks, masonry epoxy, and a steel dowel. This will add a focal point to your garden you can enjoy year round.

  • Thane Eddington

    stacked stone totem pole garden sculpture

  • Barb Smith

    stacked stone totem pole garden art

  • Aurelia Scharnhorst

    stacked stone totem pole garden accessory DIY from This Old House

  • Renee Andytha

    stacked stone totem pole garden accessory. Create a stacked-stone totem for an all-season focal point in a planting bed. Collect stones from around your property and glue them one on top of the other with a two-part masonry epoxy. To prevent tall structures from tipping, bore a hole through each stone's center using a hammer drill fitted with a ⅜-inch carbide bit. Thread the stones with a steel dowel sunk in the ground. Conap K-20 EasyPoxy clear epoxy,

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How to build a stacked-stone pebble fountain for your garden. | Illustration: Aaron Ashley |

river rock edge. There's a name for this but I can't remember what it is. Some kind of drainage thing. Whatever it is, I need this around my back patio.

Inukshuk....stone cairn by Istvan Hernadi xtremepeaks

Stacking stones as art, Bedrock Gardens, Lee, New Hampshire. Photo: @Michelle Gervais, Fine Gardening Magazine

zen... would look cool in a garden and doesnt have to be left behind. After making this I would have dissassembled, boxed it up and took it home. :)

Stacked stone sculpture by Thea Summer Alvin

Denver botanical gardens...beautiful.

Gravity Glue is the work of artist Mike Grab. Supposedly the rocks are stacked using only gravity. Checkout the videos to see Mike in action and also his gallery of work over the last three years..

stack some stones in your garden....