#CH119 - Extremely Rare Charlie Chaplain Silent Movie Handbill

Vintage 1910s items at Don and Chris Old Stuff wholesale vintage antiques and collectibles.plus has opium only in the 1900's

*BELL & HOWELL FILMO No 75: is a 16 mm movie camera, produced in chicago beginning in 1928. It was intended for amateur use, but the quality of its construction makes it easy to see why Bell & Howell cameras were the tools of choice for Hollywood studios in the early days of motion pictures.

Movie night on Valentine's Day....**UPDATE** Made this for my husband for Valentine's Day. Filled the bottom of popcorn box full of mini sized candy & put a movie & popcorn in the top. Too Cute!

Old well pump-remember these? Granny had a pitcher pump on a sink in the house-that was our indoor plumbing!

Old school maps the teacher pulled down in front of the blackboard

'Bobby' pins

vintage cook


*Gripper Snap Fasteners

Vintage Child School Desk

Silly Cycling Tandem adult tricycles were a great fad in the 1880’s, since they were more stable than tandem bicycles. The Columbia Tricycle Company claimed that they insured “absolute freedom from danger of accident.” The unusual machine in this photo was manufactured by a number of large bicycle companies in Europe and the United States.

This magnificent and unique medicine chest was made for Vincenzo Giustiniani, the last Genoese governor of the Island of Chios in the eastern Aegean Sea, in the 1560s. On a box from the middle drawer is painted the symbol of Chios - a black eagle above a three-towered castle. The chest contains 126 bottles and pots for drugs, some of which still have their original contents!

Nancy... comics...

Vintage baby dress.


I'd like a Lime Rickey!

The old days...how I remember having one of these phones on the wall, in our kitchen...wow..memories!

dr drake's universal pill

young circus performer ~ Little Pierrot, ca.1900

for the temporary relief of paroxysms of asthma--not recommended for children under six