LIFE OF A STEWARD- Great blog with topics on: time management, living a balanced life, Christianity, serving others, Biblical worldview, and discipline.

Probably my favorite blog--tons of crafts, organization tips, etc. Super cute stuff. She's got TALENT!

DIY book shelves...Must make these for the kids rooms, much better than chunky shelfs where you cannot see the front of the books

Have you ever felt like you couldn't handle doing one more thing from your list. Let us help you find a little motivation to clean and organize your life.

This is a blog of someone I don't know. I ask myself every time I read it, the following questions: How is her house always so clean, and WHITE? How do her children always look so perfect? Especially when she has 5 of them? Oh and how do all 5 her of her children look perfect all the time? Wait, I already asked that! Once again. Inspiration.

Even my self-administered urinalysis in Bio Lab today confirmed you are causing issues. See ya!

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