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Jan Yager's “Tiara of Useful Knowledge. City Flora: The Philadelphia Series (2006)” and is made of oxidized sterling silver, 18K and 14K gold. Each piece of the tiara transforms, coming off to become a separate entity --- brooch, tie tac, pendants... and each represents a specific plant as well: (Left to Right, Back to Front) Common Ragweed, Sweet Clover, Lamb's Quarters, Plantain, Switch Grass, Potato, Rye, Prickly Lettuce, Crab Grass, Ant, Tobacco, Pebble.

FONT TIARA by Frank Tjepkema for the royal wedding of Maxima and Willem-Alexander. This romantic tiara was produced as part of the Kruithuis Museum competition and exhibition in connection with the royal wedding. The tiara consists of over 100 different punched fonts spelling the two names out in silvered brass dotted with Swarovski crystals. (In the permanent collection at the Museum Kruithuis.)

Lampworked Glass Beads by Kristina Logan

Shell ship


The Work Ship: Jewellery by Ashley Heminway

bronwen tyler-jones - metal box amulets

A Victorian target brooch and matching earpendants The central cabochon amethyst bordered by polished beads Victorian Jewellery design was extremely symbolic, with the "Target" Brooch expected to be struck by Cupids arrow, ensuring true love, passion and happiness for the lovers.

New Animal and Insect Assemblages Made from Repurposed Objects by Edouard Martinet sculpture insects assemblage animals

19th Century Egyptian Revival Pharaoh Portrait on Porcelain, Brass Brooch Mount


Wall, Jenifer Brass Monkeys A selection of lockets, small dishes and jewellery in precious and base metals Brass Monkeys 109 Portland Road ...

Quarter Studios Quarter Studios; a collective of contemporary Jewellers and Silversmiths based in Birmingham's historic Jewellery Quarter. Q...

Warde, Stef Brass Monkeys Designs are inspired by a vintage thread, meticulously dismantled and reworked using weathered finishes, stamping...

Sasakaura Assiter, Yuki Yuki Sasakura Assiter Jewellery Jewellery to be traditional yet inventive amulet as inspired from positive events i...

Morton, Grainne Grainne Morton Hand crafted comtemporary jewellery using vintage and antique objects and imagery 147 Colinton Road Edinburg...

Seed pod sculptures and jewelry by Louise Hibbert and Sarah Parker-Eaton

Deb Karash Jewelry

Demimonde Studio and Shop

Brian Hoyano

Poppy Seed Pod and Leaf Charm necklace by NatalieMusgrave

Necklace | Annie Pennington

river rocks!

RAW 2/52 best shot by catherinewitherell, via Flickr

Sterling Ammonite and Amber Circuit Board Pendant