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Thor, the arrogant, five year old, prince of Asgard. / i find it so funny how true this is!... xD

Norse God Priviledge! Spiderman advice: Thor is the only one that knows what he's doing. Marvel Avengers.

  • Payden McKetchnie

    Spiderman started his own avengers group with the ninja turtles, remember??

  • Matt Hunt

    Soney owns the rights to spider man, fox owns the rights to x men, Disney owns the rights to the avengers and everything else marvel. Other than the occasional teaser, don't expect any crossover

  • Brandel Baldridge

    haha @JennaBargstadt & Casey Fiferlick "It's like you're trying to tell me something!" lol

  • Angelica Theroux

    With the new spiderman movies being made, spidey should be introduced into the avengers. that's why they did the remake.

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I have totally tried to come up with an actual code name for Thor. Needless to say, it didn't work. At all.

  • Kassandra M.

    Lol, what happened to God of Thunder?

  • Allison Terry's just not the same as Hawkeye or Iron Man or The Black Widow

  • Kassandra M.

    xD I guess not. If you ask me though, it's Nick Fury who doesn't have a good title. :P But it is Samuel L. Jackson, so I guess he's still cool, haha.

  • Allison Terry

    yeah, Sam doesn't have to have a cool name. He carries the cool with him everywhere.

  • Jen Allen

    I admit I thought they were all going to say, "and you're watching Disney."

I do what I WANT. Oh Loki, you silly little trickster.

I'm going to print this and put it on my walls. Plus all the rest of these:

Thor Movie Poster Marvel by WestGraphics on Etsy

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If he gets a Tumblr, he’ll need a Pinterest to help bookmark good ideas. | What Happens When Thor Discovers The Internet?

Avengers Valentines - Imgur

MC Thor ...and I didn't think he could possibly look bad in anything....I was sadly mistaken....Elizabeth Douglas

Thor Goes Shopping…(Wasn't sure if this had been posted to this board yet 🌀).

  • Heather Breedlove