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  • Elizabeth Aldridge

    Paint chips + poster frame = dry erase calendar! Yet another great idea for using my tons of paint swatches

  • Laura L.

    I made one of these paint chip calendars for my office at work but on a smaller scale. I like the poster frame idea.

  • Stephanie Rocha

    Paint sampled + poster frame = dry erase calendar! What an idea.

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Dry Erase Calender made with a picture frame, paint chips, and scrapbook paper. I soooo need to make this bc I am ocd about when stuff is due and need to see it written! lol

NEED TO DO THIS! Paint chips + poster frame = dry erase calendar! I HEART this idea!

Dorm DIY: Make a dry erase calendar with a poster frame and paint chips!

Paint chips + poster frame = dry erase calendar!

DIY Project 05: Paint Chip Calendar | Budget Girl -- gonna make this with my hold RH paint deck!

DIY Weekly dry-erase board. This is actually a "collage" frame from walmart that is about $13. Print days of week onto pretty paper, and put a different day into each section (behind glass). Write on glass with dry-erase markers.

I'm always looking for money saving short cuts. Love this idea. Dry erase paint chip calendar under glass

Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar I plan on combining this magnetic board with the paint chips ideas...

dry erase board calendar. (glass in the frame over top = dry erase) my kids saw this when packing for my daughter/son-in-law's move and loved it! So glad for actual instructions!

I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THIS Here are all the things bought. (all found at walmart) This entire project was under $20. My kind of project! *pictures you want to use * 2 20x30 foam core boards (two black ones $2.88 each) *poster hanger thingies ($2.44) *foam brushes ($.97) *double sided tape ($3) *mod podge (matte - otherwise there's a glare)

frame + paint chips + dry erase marker = custom calendar