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What to Focus On

Focus on happy, focus on happy, focus on happy. These beautifully imperfect concentric circles make clear what you should be worried about - Happy! Focus on happy is sized to fit nicely on your wrist area to so that it serves as a quickie, friendly reminder of what's important. Sheet size: 3" x 3"

The bitch is MAD I tell you! Completely out of control. Certifiably insane beyond the shadow of the doubt! !!

"dare to fail" Lisa Mann Dirkes - the cutest, most whimsical watercolours. Love her stuff!

Tattoo idea. Letting things go is something I have a problem with.


Just Focus

On your life.. You allowed to pay attention shittt... But I know y'all can multitask keep pursuing your wicked life that you are looking to make it so wickeddddd..

So simple yet hard to do. I like the idea of the balloon as a tattoo to remember that.

I thinks this would be a really cook tattoo with maybe a few more balloons and not the quote because everyone would be singing Frozen but when someone asked what it meant you could say "Because we all need to let go before we fly"

Sometimes you do need to just let things go. I have this tattoo but different colored balloon.

Let it go. put a note in the balloon of things you need to move on from, forget, and forgive, and watch it fade away as it lifts, lifts, lifts high above you until you can no longer see it. #positive #motivational #quotes

When I was just a little girl I asked my mother, what will I be Will I be pretty, will I be rich Here's what she said to me. Que Sera, Sera, Whatever will be, will be The future's not ours, to see Que Sera, Sera What will be, will be. My Mom use to sing this Doris Day song to me when I was young!