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Siskiyou Lewisia (lewisia cotyledon): Lewisia cotyledon is a species of flowering plant in the purslane family known by the common names Siskiyou lewisia and cliff maids. It is native to southern Oregon and northern California, where it grows in rocky subalpine mountain habitat.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lewisia%20cotyledon

Photo courtesy of Dunn Gardens and Wikipedia. Lewisia cotyledon or Cliff Maids or Siskiyou lewisia. I regret not buying one when I saw it for sale… Their foliage is rather unremarkable (and also.

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High Heat Flowers For Hot Summer Areas - I sure need to know this since I want to plant some flowers soon

High Heat Flowers For Hot Summer Areas, Gazania (Gazania rigens) This bright trailing annual comes in a host of colors. Gazanias are tender perennials grown as an annual in harsher climates. The flowers close at night.

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Single-petal blossoms unfurl in shades of melon orange and fade to raspberry pink. Plant Name: Echinacea 'Rainbow Marcella' Growing Conditions: full sun Size: 18 inches tall

25 flowering plants that can withstand full sun in a southern climate

High Heat Flowers For Hot Summer Areas. No wilting lilies here, only tough, robust flowers! No wilting lilies here, only tough, robust flowers!

Zinnias - forgot how much I love these flowers that the deer don't eat

Zinnias the most overlooked, beautiful, colorful flower. Reminds me of summer, and my Mom.

Lantana for window box. Looks nice with trailing sweet potato vine.

My grandmother's favorite--Lantana is so easy to grow. It attracts butterflies, loves sun and can tolerate drought. Good watering results in a showy and large plant. Freezes to the ground in winter but returns year after year.

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Dahlia 'Heat Seeker' #SaksGlamGardens

Like the dark foliage and striking flowers. Dahlia 'Heat Seeker' -- by Karl Gercens