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I want a Maine coon! They are so beautiful!!

How to Keep a Maine Coon Growth Chart

Want to know how to keep a Maine Coon Growth Chart and are new to keeping a cat growth chart or size chart then read on to learn how to keep one

Fluffy cat breeds - My Norwegian Forest cat Boots is a twin to this beauteous vision of lovliness :)

Maine Coon

This bonepelt. He is a warrior of Mountain clan. He is 8 seasons. He is an amazing fighter and super loyal.

Élevage de Maine Coon - Charente                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

If you're looking for Free Maine Coon Kittens for adoption we've written some tips on how to find Free Maine Coon Cats and where to look for them.

A MOST POPULAR RE-PIN > Maine Coon - with fluff tail & same attitude as my JeSuis. RESEARCH #DianaDee:) - BIG CATS LITTLE CATS - https://www.pinterest.com/DianaDeeOsborne/big-cats-little-cats/ - Among most intelligent domesticated felines, 1 of oldest natural breeds in North America. First recognized as a specific breed in Maine: Official state cat. #HUMOR : Called "The dogs of the cat world" because most love people! Males weigh 21- 35 pounds, females "only" 15- 29. Average cat is 8- 10 pou

Maine Coon - "The dogs of the cat world" because most love people! Males weigh 35 pounds, females "only" Average cat is 10 pounds.


I am every bit as big, fluffy, and easy-going as a ragdoll. Built for affection, I’ll even go limp when you pick me up – which I’ll let you do even if you’re a total stranger.

The league of extraodinary big cats

best images and pictures ideas about adorable raga muffin kitten - most affectionate cat breed


Maine Coon Personality Traits



What is the Average Maine Coon Lifespan


Maine Coon.  Lion  of the forest.

[N E W] Meowy Christmas - Ugly Sweater

Great grey Maine coon Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!

Maine Coon Cat ~

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Maine Coon cat...my louis looks just like this guy.

Maine Coon cat...my louis looks just like this guy.