Lake Como, Italy

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Villa Melzi gardens - Lake Como, Italy

Villa Melzi Gardens – Lake Como, Italy

Villa Melzi, Bellagio, Lake Como, province of Como, Lombardy region Italy

✮ Saona Island, south east of Dominican Republic

Dream shade - Saona Island, La Romana Dominican Republic by Caesar Piatkowski

Italy - Lake Como: Italian Design | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Orange light glows from the top of a church bell tower along the shores of Lake Como in Italy. Lake Como is situated in Lombardy, Northern Italy. It is part of the Italian Lake District.

Mennagio - Lake Como. This was the best!

Mennagio - Lake Como. This was the best!

Prosecco in Mennagio on Lake Como Italy

Prosecco in Mennagio on Lake Como Italy

"Portovenere, Italy. Beautiful scenery in walking distance, great food, historic sites, friendly people, charm, ambience, and great souvenirs. Fantastic homemade pesto, olive oil, and local wine."--Gretchen Uhlman (From: 15 Unforgettable Cruise Ports--According to You) Love inspiring travel photos like this one? Sign up for our newsletter and get vacation inspiration straight to your inbox:

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