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loving you is so easy, I can do it in my sleep. I dream of you so often, it's like you never leave.

Wendolyn and McCall Erickson...see?! A BOARD just for yous twos PINS!

That's how I learned the lesson that everyone's alone, and your eyes must do some raining if you're ever gonna grow.

Bright Eyes♥ "First Day of My Life" I love everything about this song including the video♥

"Many men stronger than me have thrown their backs out trying to lift it. But me, I'm not a gamble, you can count on me to split. The love I sell you in the evening, by the morning won't exist." Bright Eyes

"first day of my life" by bright eyes. bryan sings me this song. makes me fall in love all over again.

The Smiths. Haven't listened to much from them, but what I've heard is wonderful. ~Saida

Little Things, One Direction lyrics - song lyrics - music lyrics

Best part of the song... Something about the vulnerability of his voice...

no matter if I work at a Long John Silver's and you a Goodwill for the rest of our lives.

Lyrics from ‘Sunrise Sunset’ by Bright Eyes.