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Kiss & Make Up By Katie D. Anderson Lip gloss addict Emerson Taylor and her best friend, Trina, have declared this year the Year of the Boy and vowed to find boyfriends. But for Emerson, there's just one problem: she can read the mind of anyone whose lips touch hers. It's totally creepy and at first it seems like a curse. But Emerson soon realizes there are perks to her strange talent, like the ability to steal secrets, memories, and most importantly, test answers.

‘You’ll stay with me?’ ‘Until the very end,’ said James. ‘They won’t be able to see you?’ asked Harry. ‘We are part of you,’ said Sirius. ‘Invisible to anyone else.’ Harry looked at his mother. ‘Stay close to me,’ he said quietly.

JK Rowling gave me a childhood. Not only did I vastly enhance my vocabulary and writing skills, but through the series, The characters of Harry Potter taught me life lessons no single person or experience has been able to... It was more than just a book.

Firebolt - BYU Divine Comedy. This was oddly inspiring!!! Take a few minuted out of your day to watch! It's better with subtitles.