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    • Terry Trammell

      Teething Remedy~ For your little ones, just take a wash cloth, wet the center with a little water, spread on a Tbl of apple sauce, roll it up and freeze it...then let your little one chew on it.

    • Shellie Jacobson

      Home health remedies for kids/babies

    • Hope Chastain

      7 Home remedies for sick kids! #1. Diarrhea I swear by the B.R.A.T. diet. It stands for- Bananas, Rice, Applesauce & Toast ( The toast needs to be white) #2. Constipation BLACK LICORICE will cure their constipation nine times out of ten! I’m not kidding. I swear it works better than anything out there! #3. Burns Did you know that the baking soda volcano every kid wants to make for their science project is actually useful? The chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar creates a cooling effect that will soothe your child’s minor burns. It works great if they touch hot pans. Just pour equal amounts of the ingredients into a bowl to bathe your child’s hand till the burning stops. You can keep adding each ingredient intermittently to activate the bubbles. #4. Ear infections These are being treated less and less these days with antibiotics, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t painful. I like to use a hot pack big enough so they can lay their head down to relieve the “ache”! #5. Headache Before I go for the drugs, I like to try these three things- -Give them a big drink of water. -Rub their head/neck making sure to work out the knots. -There is a pressure point between your thumb and pointer finger. I do this one a lot. It really works! #6. Teething I hate it, don’t you? I remember when my wisdom teeth started coming through and let me just say, Ouch! For your little ones, just take a wash cloth, wet the center with a little water, spread on a Tbl of apple sauce, roll it up,then freeze it. Babies love this b/c it’s sweet, chewy, and cold so it numbs their gums! If your little one isn’t very little and doesn’t choke on things, like my “little” one, try FROZEN PEAS. #7. Sore Throat When their throat is killing them, I like to make them “Grandmas Top Secret Lemon Honey Drink.” It’s so simple, just heat 1-cup water, add 1-Tbsp lemon juice, and 1&1/2-Tbsp honey! This feels so nice going down your throat!

    • Kelly Fields

      Baby remedies

    • Michelle Bridgewater

      Home remedies/ For teething baby

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