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    school dress ... girls could not wear pants & dresses could only be just above the knee...

    Good times

    frosted white lipstick

    60s girl fashion From seventeen magazine 1967

    Buster Brown Easter Shoes-I wore baby shoes like the little white ones top right and also little red ones middle bottom

    Kissing Potion,,,,wore this as a teenager

    Christmas time is here.

    1950s Rubber black and white dog squeeze toy

    May 16, 1965: Franco-American sells SpaghettiOs for the first time.

    23 Things You Used to Wear as a Little girl | I wore the crap out of these barrettes!

    Virginia Slims...Yes I smoked these.....a long time ago

    Twinkle Copper Cleaner = Used this all the time to clean my mother's Revere Ware copper pans.

    Brut brings back memories for sure. My daddy wore this..

    Let's Twist (1962)

    My mom had these in all of the colors!

    Wall Phone - We had a black wall phone like this in the 1960's. It was the only phone in the house.

    Hawaiian Punch. Remember when it came in a big can?

    Hairdrying 1960s style - I remember sitting with the plastic bonnet on and you couldn't hear anything, lol!

    IHop. another childhood staple

    Ho Jo's