• Cathy Latshaw

    A great idea for a guest bath or powder room. place 6 or 7 baby ducks (ducklings) in a sink. They're cute, and their slight chirping may cover up any unsightly inappropriate bathroom noises. Not sure how long they'll live - but just keep checking on 'em. They should be ok for a while.

  • Emily Ard

    This makes me miss my baby duck. I thought it was a boy & named it Duckbert. Turned out to be a girl! lol. She lives in a pond with other duckies now. :) She was such a cool pet!

  • Tammy Holmes

    I need this to happen in my bathroom. Ducks, baby ducks, cute animals, baby animals, bathroom, sinks, animals

  • Janet Witt

    Baby ducks. this is the cutest thing ever!!!!

  • Tami Meacham

    bath time for baby ducks !

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