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Button, Button- who’s got the button A tutorial for the bracelet.

Button, Button- who's got the button

CTC(Minerva) Step 3: Annotate the characters actions and behaviors.-In the text it says,"She picked it up, turned it around, and then set it back down in my palm. 'I don't want your charity.' I felt a tightness in my chest. 'It's just a friendship button'(Alvarez 14)." This shows Minerva noticing she is poor and tries to give her a button as a gift which shows she is considerate.

Wire-wrapping Tutorial: How to Wire Wrap Buttons to Make an Easy Pendant

Mother of pearl blue button necklace

The Scrap Shoppe: Button Bib Necklace I love buttons. I love the bib necklaces. I love this button bib necklace!

Making bracelets out of vintage earrings DIY-  These are actually super cute! May have to go thrifting soon. :)

Oh MY DIY ~~ Vintage earring bracelets. Just glue using on bracelet blanks. Also cute ones done with buttons on top of buttons on top . This is beautiful. wish it was realistic to DIY! by karin.

I have got to make some of these with my girls!  I think this is an awesome project to do during summer.  It's something that can be done watching a movie or at the park. FUN!!!

Button Necklaces VIDEO: Demonstrating how to make 2 different button necklaces-easy & cute.