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Wonder Woman

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I wish they still made these in my size! I lived in my Wonder Woman and C-3PO Underoos when I was a kid.

I'm not so sure we really thought they were fun to wear. But we sure joked about them. Vintage underoos.

Underoos...I LOVED these things. Can someone make them for adults?? Because I am pretty sure I would still rock the Wonder Womans!! :-)

Spider Woman Underoos! I had this set and they were the coolest looking Underoos! I had Wonder Woman too (like every other 6 year old girl in 1980), but I preferred the Spider Woman set. She was lesser known and therefore more "indie." :-)

oh, how i wish i still had my wonder woman underoos. most days i could really use them.

I totally had the wonde rwoman underoos in this this picture. I would put them on when I would watch the show. I thought she could see me.

Underoos ad, 1981 by kerrytoonz, via Flickr

Wonderwoman. I saw someone else with a good picture so I had to repin. Wonderwoman is wonderful.

Underoos... I had these. And Wyatt thought the bottoms looked like "wrestler pants". So... I'm pretty sure there's a pic floating around of him wearing them & posing like a wrestler? Sue Porter Larimer :)