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Day 9 of the Grey's Anatomy of the 30 Day Photo Challenge - Favorite Actor Justin Chambers is my favorite actor on Grey's Anatomy. He is a great actor. I don't understand how he is not more popular.

omfg I love Jesse Williams so much, someone really had to say this. And why tf is people trying to get him kicked off of Greys Anatomy. FOH!!!!!! I love Greys Anatomy and I love Jesse Williams.

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Anatomy of a Disney Character's Style: Roger Radcliffe

Anatomy of a Disney Character's Style: Roger Radcliffe | Disney Style

The Portuguese Man O' War Looks Beautiful, But Packs A Potentially Lethal Sting

"I don't have to say a word. She just looks at me and sees who I am and how I feel and accepts it. She doesn't try to change it or wants to change it. That person. There's a billion people but I imagine there's only one of her.' Grey's Anatomy quotes

The wife, the girlfriend, the mistress, and the best friend his wife cheated on him with........stairs would have been safer

"I'm trying to help out here. I'm trying to help you, and I'm trying to help them. I come from a big family. It's crazy, it's messy, but it's good. And I want that for you. I want you to have that. She's your sister. And he's practically your father. And Zola needs more black people in the family because I'm running out of ways to braid her hair and Bailey won't show me any more." Derek Shepherd to Meredith Grey. Grey's Anatomy quotes

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The 50 Best TV Quotes Of 2013

From Pete Campbell's sarcastic retort to the best "YOLO" of the year, here's a look back at 2013's most quotable television moments. Presented in no particular order.